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Through our research we have demonstrated that executives can best improve their risk governance by deepening their understanding of risk, widening their shared vocabulary and discovering how to convert good theory into excellent practice. Therefore at Alto42 we do not simply offer boards and top teams externally derived solutions. Instead we recommend that executives engage in a constructive dialogue through 1:1 mentoring or group discussions and study. We promote challenge as a catalyst to open recipients' minds to new ways of thinking about risk, based on multiple perspectives and backed up by practical tools and models which they can apply to their organisation. This is underpinned by our continuous research into the causes of corporate disasters and our effective questioning of existing norms.


Our work focuses on risk as a Performance Management issue; they are two sides of the same coin. Without potential rewards, why take risks; without considering the potential risk, how can we judge whether the pursuit of potential rewards may not in fact end up harming the organisation. Therefore, we argue against [1] the separation of performance and risk management functions and [2] the idea that with risk comes opportunities, for this puts the cart before the horse.

Mike Lauder
Alto42 - Risk Performance Management Specialists

Dr Mike Lauder


Marian Lauder
Alto42 - Risk Performance Management Specialists


It is said to take variety to manage complexity. We at Alto42 recognise that we are all trapped by our background, training and experience and this influences how we see and make sense of the world around us. We all need help to stimulate new ways of seeing. Our specialism in Risk Governance is to encourage people to see things differently; to be inquisitive, question their underlying assumptions and re-evaluate their prevailing perspective.


In addition to our experience of risk governance, we provide coaching and facilitation support to those undertaking governance tasks. Because we are a boutique organisation, you will always receive the time, attention and experience of principal specialists.





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Marian Lauder


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It should never happen again - book by Mike Lauder

'It Should Never Happen Again': Mike's first book is available from Gower Publishing.  

Details can be found on the publications page.

Mike's research into the causes of organisational failure continues. However, like for many others, COVID19 has forced him to change direction slightly. His main focus for the last five years has been to understand complexity as a component of organisational failure. COVID however has brought to the fore a general failure to learn from operational experience and so has highlighted the question of how this issue may be addressed. The last piece of work Mike did before lock-down was a review of the Moore-Bick report (Part 1) into the Grenfell Tower fire seen through the lens of Normal Chaos. This has led to conversations (as developed in his first book "It Should Never Happen Again") about whether COVID lessons are being learnt effectively.


For those more details please see ORGANISATIONAL LEARNING under the Current Research tab for more details.


This website is currently undergoing a major update to bring it in to line with the change forced on us by the current COVID pandemic.

Marian's appointment as the chair of British Cycling's Audit and Assurance Commission has led to some very interesting applications of our work to her risk and governance portfolio.




'In Pursuit of Foresight': 

Mike's second book is also available from Gower Publishing.

Details can be found on the publications page.


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