4. Team Configuration

[Last amended: 17 July 16]


Subject Area:


Team Configuration; that is what is the same and what is different between different teams.


Issue being addressed:


There is an appreciation that not all teams are the same. One way of looking at teams is provided by Katzenbach and Smith. They categorise teams as:

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This categorisation however does not help you if you look at different teams to see how they are similar and how they differ. My starting point is to select a number of factors and then specify whether these factor are fixed or variable.


Aim of the Research Question:


The aim of this research question is to identify a number of factors against which we might assess a team and then compare them against others.  


I see this as being a multi-step process. The first issues are to select a fundamental set of factors that enables us to differentiate between types of team based on what changes and what stays the same. Once we have an initial list then respondents will be asked to complete the new list and this process will continue until we think that we have a useful categorisation.




You are asked to describe your team/ workgroup and its work under the following headings.  


As guidance to your thinking, you are asked to consider the question I pose against each factor in the comments column.