5. Interdependence of people and teams

[Last amended: 17 July 16]


Subject Area:


Interdependence of people and teams; that is the way that people, teams and their equipment need to work together to achieve the desired end.


Issue being addressed:


No person is an island. All work requires interaction between people, teams and the community within which they work. Their need to interact is often characterised as the need for coordination. Looking at the issue as one of coordination can lead to the assumption that coordination then needs to be imposed. As we are examining this issue from the perspective of self-governing autonomous groups, I am drawn to consider the issue of interactions from the perspective of need. The issue then becomes one of what do individuals, teams and communities need from each other in order to deliver the desired mutual benefit. To put this another way, what are the interdependencies between the various elements?


Independences have been categorised as follows:

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Aim of the Research Question:


The aim of this research is to identify the multiple interdependences that exist between any set of workers and their community. This is the first step.


Once these patterns have been identified, the next step will be to look at where standards, plans, mutual adjustment and cross-understanding are needed to align their activities.




Describe the interdependences within your team and between your teams and between your organisation and the wider community?